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Real People. Lifechanging Experiences.

We offer the chance to connect with everyday people in southern Africa providing cultural exchange and regional touring experiences.

This is your chance to:

  • Deepen your knowledge of southern African cultures
  • Embark on a trip across the region
  • Enjoy a comfortable and safe stay in Africa
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About Us

We connect you with real people

Small World Travel Africa’s experienced local partners offer cultural immersion programs and regional touring services in Zimbabwe and across the southern Africa region.

A visit to southern Africa involves more than just touring game parks (exciting though encounters with alpha predators and dramatic scenery will be), basking on beautiful beaches or visiting some of the world’s earliest known human settlements.

Read more about our own journey (opens as PDF) or continue on to learn more.

Our African journey with Small World

See how one group of American teens explored Africa and built lasting friendships on their Small World journey

Our partners

Amon Tsabola

Tour guide Amon Tsabola
Amon Tsabola guides regional tours of southern Africa for families and educational groups.
Meet Amon Tsabola

Mary & Jonah Gokova

Total Sensitivity hosts Mary and Jonaj Gokova
Mary & Jonah Gokova operate Total Sensitivity, a purpose made cultural immersion program in Zimbabwe for families and groups.
Meet The Gokovas

Our team

Steve and Catherine Hanna Askin

Steve and Catherine Hanna Askin posing with a group in front of Victoria Falls.
Steve and Catherine created Small World Travel Africa to help you experience southern Africa. Steve started exploring the continent in the 1980s when he was a journalist covering African freedom struggles. Catherine is a homeschooling leader who worked with Amon, Mary, and Jonah to create a unique cultural learning experience for the travelers you see here.
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Why Travel with Us?

  • Real Connections

    Our partners are everyday Zimbabweans committed to economic development & gender justice

  • Progressive Values

    We promote progressive values and build relationships with those aiding progressive causes

  • Safety and Comfort

    Rest assured that our partners have experience dealing with the challenges of travel in southern Africa

Feeling adventurous?

Take a regional tour of Southern Africa with Amon Tsabola

Travel in Africa can be challenging—Amon Tsabola, our local partner on the ground, can make it simpler.

During 20 years as logisitcs manager for an education agency, Amon mastered rough roads and border crossing challenges from South Africa to Mozambique to Zimbabwe and beyond. He and his 12 passenger van are now available to help your group explore the diverse lands of Southern Africa.

Amon is happy to host families or educational groups of up to ten people on cultural and education tours of the south Africa region. He speaks seven languages and is familiar with the southern African landscape in terms of both terrain and culture.

“Anywhere you go, whatever problems you face, Amon knows the answer.”

And if you need a respite from the adventure, Mary Gokova’s guest house in a quiet Harare suburb is always awaiting your return.

Learn More About Amon
Amon Tsabola sits atop his passenger van (top), a lion in an exhibit (bottom, left), a tour group posing for a group photo in Amon's van (bottom, right) — click images to enlarge

Our Values

Progressive values, progressive partners

Our partners are long-time activists with a passion for developing their communities and relationships with internationals.

More than just a vacation

When we say “life-changing,” we mean it. A tour or stay with one of our partners is more than a vacation—it is a learning experience that will provide unique insight and perspective on southern African culture, and, of course, support individuals with proven track records of community development.

Feeling curious?

Immerse yourself in the culture of Southern Africa with Total Sensitivity

Total Sensitivity, our partners in Zimbabwe, offer a fully-staffed bed and breakfast and cultural immersion programs for internationals seeking to understand the cultural dynamics and context of their experiences.

“A simple rule on being successful in learning and building relations in this global village calls for sensitivity and compassion.”

Jonah and Mary Gokova have worked for many years supporting community development. They offer theme-based Cultural exchange and Exposure programmes that ensure the enhancement of real life connectivity among Global citizens. If you state your area of interest, they can organise an appropriate theme together to guide your visit.

Learn More About Total Sensitivity
Total Sensitivity hosts Mary & Jonah Gokova (top), a group of teenagers taking part in a Total Sensitivity programme posing in front of an exhibit at a zoo (bottom, left), two teenagers embracing in front of an exhibit at a zoo (bottom, right) — click images to enlarge

Book your journey or stay now

Every trip is different. Please follow the links below to each of our partners' respective contact forms to get more information about booking.

Start your journey with Amon Tsabola

  • Spend time in over half a dozen countries in southern Africa
  • Rely on a guide who is intimately familiar with the area

Book a stay with Total Sensitivity

  • Enjoy tailor made programs for your group
  • Fully-staffed bed and breakfast with meals prepared for you
  • Experience local attractions and spend time with locals

For additional information, email
or call our US representative, Steve Askin, at 562-631-2424