Immerse yourself in southern African culture with Total Sensitivity

Mary & Jonah Gokova are everyday Zimbaweans doing extraordinary things—don't miss an opportunity to be a guest at their suburban bed and breakfast in Harare.

They can help plan programs designed around your group's specific needs.

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Immerse Yourself

Mary & Jonah Gokova have decades of experience working for economic development, peace and social justice. They have strong ties to civil society and faith-based organizations.

Their Total Sensitivity programme provides opportunities for people with very different experiences to learn and grow by getting to know each other. This Zimbabwe-based program offers services to visitors, students, and workers as well as faith-based, gender and socio-economic justice groups who want to broaden their cultural experience.

Mary and Jonah can organize a custom program based on your group’s needs and interests.

Why Total Sensitivity?


  • Fully staffed bed and breakfast
  • Up to 12 people
  • Transport
  • Custom themes
  • Visits to civil society and development organizations
  • Time with your local counterparts


The approach involves experience-based learning opportunities designed to meet needs of individuals or groups. We can host groups of up to 12 people at a time.

We bonded around humor and music,” Ancel Camacho explained, “but also around the conversations we had about culture, gender rights and other issues.”

Total Sensitivity makes a professionally administered programme to meet your needs. Should you have free time and want to unwind or see a bit more of Zimbabwe, arrangements can be made to take you there.

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Every Total Sensitivity program is planned together with you so it will meet your group's unique needs. Every program will involve interaction with Zimbabweans who share your interests.

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